SAME DAY REPAIR for your washer and dryer mishaps!

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My dryer doesn't get hot, why?

There is a heating element that works in conjunction with many other electrical parts in your dryer. When any one of these parts fail, you will have no heat. WE CAN FIX IT FOR YOU, NORMALLY FOR $100!

My washer doesn't spin my clothes, why?

This could happen for multiple reasons. First, make sure the lid is closed all the way. If that doesnt work, give us a call! We can be at your house the SAME DAY and FIX IT FOR YOU!

My dryer makes a lot of noise, why?

First things first, remove the lint trap and make sure nothing has become lodged in there. If thats all clear the problem lies in the internal workings of the dryer. Step two, call us for an IN HOME REPAIR, we can come out and fix your noisy dryer today, NORMALLY FOR $100.

My washer won't drain water, why?

This could be a clog somewhere in the washer or a pump. We have all the parts in stock to fix your washer today. Disassemblimg your washer to find a clog or replace a pump can be complicated and you may need special tools. LET US FIX IT FOR YOU! We can be there today and have you up and running again, most likely FOR ONLY $100!!

My dryer will not turn on, why?

This may seem obvious, but it is a common mistake people make. Make sure door is shut securely. If it is, check to make sure a breaker hasn't been tripped. If that doesn't solve it, call a professional. We can be there today to troubleshoot and repair the problem, USUALLY FOR $100!!